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Valtec's ball valve series features a pneumatic actuator of the rotary type designed for direct mounting on ISO 5211 ball valves. Additionally, we offer a knife gate valve with a pneumatic actuator of the linear type.

Valtec's pneumatic actuator valves encompass two distinct motion control mechanisms: Single Acting Actuators (air-spring operated) and Double Acting Actuators (air-air operated). Single Acting Actuators, available in normally close or normally open configurations, use air pressure for one-directional movement, with a spring returning them to the original position. This fail-safe design ensures quick return to the normal position if power or air pressure is lost, crucial in preventing serious consequences in applications where valve closure (or opening) is critical during power or air pressure loss. On the other hand, Double Acting Actuators move in both directions using air pressure, providing precise control for reversible motion needs. Both types of actuators are designed for reliability and durability, ensuring optimal performance.

The selection of pneumatic actuators includes considerations such as ISO mounting pad compatibility, stem dimensions, torque requirements, and safety factors. Please contact us 
at valtec@valtec.com.tw or fill out the contact form on our website for assistance in selecting the appropriate actuator models for your application.