Setting New Standards

We are thrilled to announce that our V-3WMH type, 3-PC BALL VALVE, has achieved a significant milestone by successfully passing the rigorous fugitive emission testing according to the standards of API 641. This certification, issued by TÜV Rheinland on May 13, 2024, reinforces our commitment to setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

Demonstrating Reliability

The V-3WMH, 3-PC BALL VALVE has proven its reliability and performance in demanding industrial environments. By meeting the stringent criteria of API 641, our valve has demonstrated its ability to effectively control fugitive emissions, ensuring safe and efficient operation in various applications.

API 641 Certification

API 641 is a widely recognized standard that sets stringent requirements for the testing and performance of quarter-turn valves used in low-pressure and low-temperature applications. By obtaining this certification, our V-3WMH, 3-PC BALL VALVE has met the highest industry standards for fugitive emission control.

During the testing process, the V-3WMH underwent 610 mechanical cycles with methane as the testing medium. The testing criteria specified a leakage rate of ≤ 100 ppmv, which our valve successfully met, further demonstrating its performance under demanding conditions.

Continued Excellence

Customers can rely on the V-3WMH for its proven performance and reliability. With the API 641 certification, our valve continues to provide a dependable solution for a wide range of industrial applications, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

For more details about the V-3WMH 3-PC BALL VALVE, please visit the product page, or fill out the website contact us form. We are proud to continue providing top-tier products that meet the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility.