Since 1984, we've been committed to delivering ball valve and valve solutions through our inhouse production site. We own a casting foundry, machining shop, and fabricating center to meet the needs of customers worldwide in different industries. Our focus is on Investment Casting, also known as the lost-wax casting method. At Valtec, we've turned this age-old technique into a refined art. Our manufacturing journey starts with precise product design and molding, where we carefully consider every curve and contour for optimal functionality and a great look. Here you can find the whole production process including castings, machining, and assembling the ball valves.

Trust in our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions for your ball valve and valve needs with our manufacturing capabilities. Contact us with your valve types and requested material. We are always happy to assist you further.

Casting Design & Molding:

It all begins with a vision. Our engineering team crafts intricate casting designs, laying the foundation for the masterpiece to come. Molding, a critical step in the process, ensures that every detail is captured with precision, setting the stage for the next steps.

Mold Flow Analysis:

Before we proceed, we conduct Mold Flow Analysis to predict and optimize the manufacturing process before production, ultimately addressing potential air holes. This significantly reduces trial mold costs and time, enhancing production efficiency.

Wax Injection & Wax Pattern Assembly:

The design comes to life as molten wax is injected into molds, creating intricate wax patterns. These patterns are then expertly assembled onto wax sprues, forming a tree-like structure that will hold multiple patterns for efficiency.

Dipping & Stuccoing:

The wax pattern tree is coated with a ceramic slurry and fine stucco material, layer by layer. This results in a strong shell capable of withstanding the intense heat of the casting process.

Seasoning & Wax Removal

The molded undergoes a seasoning process. Then, ceramic-coated patterns are heated, causing the wax to melt and drain out, leaving behind a cavity in the shape of the final product. This "lost wax" process is where the technique gets its name.

Matter Testing:

Quality is our commitment. We conduct rigorous material testing to ensure that the steel materials formula aligns with international standards, guaranteeing durability and reliability.

Mold Preheating & Pouring

The molds are preheated to eliminate any residual moisture before molten metal is poured in. Our skilled technicians pour the chosen steel materials with precision, ensuring uniform filling and minimal turbulence.

Casting Shake Out & Cut Off

Once cooled, the shell is carefully broken, revealing the raw castings. These are then cut off from the sprues, setting the stage for further refinement.

Acid Cleaning & Finish-Sand Blasting

Castings undergo acid cleaning to remove any remaining shell material, followed by meticulous finish-sand blasting to achieve a smooth surface finish.

Welding / Ingate Grinding / Heat Treatment

Components are expertly welded, creating a unified structure that is both durable and resilient. The castings' gates are ground off to perfection, while heat treatment imparts the desired mechanical properties, enhancing their durability and resilience.

Machining / Assembling

Our quality control experts meticulously inspect each casting, ensuring it meets our rigorous standards. Next, precision machining transforms these castings into the components that power industries worldwide. Components are expertly assembled, reflecting our commitment to precision engineering.

Quality Assurance

A rigorous quality control inspection guarantees that each product leaving our facility embodies Valtec's unwavering commitment to excellence.


  • Material Analysis
  • Spectrometer
  • Tensile Strength
  • Hardness
  • High/Low Temperature
  • Penetrate
  • X-Ray Radiograph
  • Coordinate Measuring
  • Inter-granular Corrosion
  • Surface Roughness (Valve Ball)


  • Protractor, Caliper
  • Dial Type Caliper
  • Dial Type Depth Gauge
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
  • Fiber Laser Engraving Machine
  • Tesa Micro-Hute-3D (Valve Ball)
  • Roundpak (Valve Ball)

Global Delivery:

With the final seal of approval, products are carefully packaged, and ready to embark on their journey to customers around the globe for diverse industries and operations.

At the heart of our Investment Casting (Lost-Wax) production process is a dedication to craftsmanship, precision, and quality. Each stage is a testament to the artistry and technology that define our commitment to delivering exceptional components that stand the test of time.

Contact us with your valve types and requested material. We are always happy to assist you further.